North Korea Declares War Against America… And No One’s Taking It Seriously

North Korea Declares War Against America… And No One’s Taking It Seriously
North Korea — Pyongyang (stephan) / Flickr CC

According to North Korea’s top diplomat for United States affairs, Washington has declared war by placing leader Kim Jong Un on the list of its sanctioned individuals.


Han Song Ryol, the director general of U.S. affairs at North Korea’s Foreign Ministry, said the Obama administration “crossed the red line” by personally sanctioning Kim.

“The Obama administration went so far to have the impudence to challenge the supreme dignity of the DPRK in order to get rid of its unfavorable position during the political and military showdown with the DPRK,” Han said. “The United States has crossed the red line in our showdown. We regard this thrice-cursed crime as a declaration of war.”

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Han added the intensity of these maneuvers, which include training in order to prepare troops for invading the North’s capital and “decapitation strikes” to kill the topmost leadership, have become more hostile and aggressive.

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Washington’s announcement, which came on July 6, was the first that personally sanctioned Kim. In the past, North Korea has been sanctioned internationally for its nuclear weapons and long range missile development programs, as reported by WREG.

Leader Kim and 10 other individuals were sanctioned for their connection with alleged human rights abuses. These include political prisons and severe treatment to political dissent in North Korea. The U.S. said that the sanctions were given to shed light on those responsible for the abuses, as well as to pressure lower ranking officials to rethink before carrying them out.

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Pyongyang discontinued its official communications with Washington. Han said any communication between the two countries must occur under “war law.” Referencing next month’s war games between the U.S. and South Korea, Han added a “vicious” showdown is possible should the war games continue as planned.

“By doing these kinds of vicious and hostile acts toward the DPRK, the U.S. has already declared war against the DPRK. So it is our self-defensive right and justifiable action to respond in a very hard way…,” Han said. “If the United States forces those kinds of large-scale exercises in August, then the situation caused by that will be the responsibility of the United States.”

However, the declaration of war elicited some hilarious reactions from people.

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