Nokia Returns To Smartphone Business, Phone To Be Launched Next Year

Nokia Returns To Smartphone Business, Phone To Be Launched Next Year
Nokia Lumia 930_2 TechStage / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

If you are a Nokia phone lover, there is good news for you. Nokia is soon to bring its new smartphone in the market. The phone will be launched by the company, which was not acquired during the billion-dollar deal Microsoft made last year.


The new phone will be launched some time around 2016 through a third party provider. The company will sell the phone design to the provider.

Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri said in an interview with German publication Manager Magazine that the company is looking forward to return in the phone business. He said, “We will look for suitable partners.” The CEO confirmed that it will make the design and put it up for licensing.

As reported earlier, Nokia had denied the rumors of returning to the phone market before. This time they have accepted that fact. According to the deal with Microsoft, the company is restricted to use its brand name on phones until Q4 2016, but selling designs is not restricted.

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Nokia did the same thing for the N1 tablet that is not sold under the company brand name. This time, too, the company is collaborating with manufacturers for its mobile phone.

It can be a coincidence that the news of Nokia returning to the smartphone business was revealed one day after Stephen Elop, former CEO of Noki,a left Microsoft. Does this make sense?