No Substantive Proof Causes Police to Refute UVA Student’s Rape

No Substantive Proof Causes Police to Refute UVA Student’s Rape
Image from Flickr by Phil Roeder
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5551813436 ef786da222 z No Substantive Proof Causes Police to Refute UVA Students Rape
Image from Flickr by Phil Roeder

On Monday, police has discredited the horrific account of a University of Virginia student, published in last November’s edition of Rolling Stone, who said she was raped in September 2012.


The story, titled “A Rape on Campus,” said “Jackie” was raped at the Phi Kappa Psi house. However, not being able to discover substantive evidence, police refuted the facts of the story.

However, Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy Longo said in a press conference on Monday that he could not bring the investigation to a close as it couldn’t be proven “that something terrible didn’t happen to Jackie.”

“All I can tell you is that there is no substantive basis to conclude that what was reported in that article happened.”

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According to Daily Mail, the findings “were enough for the fraternity to threaten legal action against Rolling Stone for the article they now call ‘defamatory’.”

Jackie had told Rolling Stone that on September 28, 2012, she attended a get-together in a restaurant, from where she went to her date’s fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi (called Phi Psi), for a party.

Her date was an older student who worked with her at the pool.

At the party, “Drew” led her upstairs where he and other men raped her for three hours.

Although the story quickly grabbed attention and triggered debates regarding sexual assault in college campuses, the insubstantial facts behind the incident were met with contradictions. Jackie’s friends revealed they had encountered her that night, and members of the fraternity also said no party was hosted on that date.

In light of the questionable authenticity of the story, Rolling Stone has issued an apology. Furthermore, it has asked the Columbia School of Journalism to conduct a review which will be published in early April, according to CNN.

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