No Naomi Watts In ‘Rings’: Fans Expect ‘The Ring 3’ To Fail

No Naomi Watts In ‘Rings’: Fans Expect ‘The Ring 3’ To Fail
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With Naomi Watts missing from the latest installment of “The Ring” series, called “Rings,” fans are less than optimistic that it would be a hit.


Samara is attempting to make a comeback in our lives through the latest reboot of “The Ring,” which originally released back in 2002, starring Naomi Watts as the lead.

However, with “Rings” set in a digital era, director Javier Gutierrez decided that it was time to cast an array of new faces and exclude legendary Naomi Watts from the picture. As a result, people who are fans of the original “The Ring” series are betting that “Rings” will crash and burn at the box office.

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‘Rings’ Fan Reactions

The fan reactions on the recently released “Rings” trailer on YouTube has been alarmingly negative. While one wrote “wait…no naomi watts, that sux so bad…”, many others simply said, “That looked beyond stupid”.

People did not hold back from criticizing the plot of the rebooted horror movie too. As a continuation of the original plotline, one is destined to die after seven days of watching the mysterious and cursed video clip.

However instead of inserting a VHS tape into a VCR, now random people are just sent emails from a sender who prefers to call himself “Unknown”, with the mysterious video clip attached to the mail.

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‘Rings’ Plot

And since in 21st century, people are clueless about how one should not open emails received from people you don’t know, lest it unleashes a virus, the protagonist opens and watches the spooky YouTube link anyway. Then she gets a call on a landline phone (with cord and everything), where the death message is passed onto her, reports News.

Fans were, of course, quick to catch on to the ridiculousness of the movie elements. “I just want to know who the hell had time to convert the VHS format into digital and upload it on the internet and then email it to someone?…and don’t even get me started on the corded phone in 2016! WTF!” was the reaction from a fan.

And others thought that the trailer was so detailed that one did not need to go to the theaters to watch the movie at all: “Was that a Trailer or a short film?”

“Rings” hits the movie theaters on 28th October 2016, reports Deadline.

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