‘No Man’s Sky’ Review And Tips: How To Address PC Edition Issues

‘No Man’s Sky’ Review And Tips: How To Address PC Edition Issues
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The PC version of the ambitious space exploration game No Man’s Sky is finally out. But there are allegedly players who have already encountered problems.


Coming three days after the PS4 version was released, several gamers have reported launch problems and performance issues tied up to the game. Most of the bugs and problems that No Man’s Sky players have been experiencing have been shared via Reddit and the Steam community page.

Day One Patch Needs To Be Applied

Despite the issues brought up by the eager No Man’s Sky PC users, Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray singled out that majority of players seem to be up and running via Twitter. “99% of players appear to be up and running on our servers. We’ll begin trying to resolve asap for those who are having issues,” he said.

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There is a chance that some of the impatient gamers got too excited and launched the game without applying the day one patches. Some of the No Man’s Sky gamers have found fixes to several issues, particularly the ones who were having problems launching the game via Steam.

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The buggy case may be an isolated case with other players not reporting issues. Could it be tied up to the same bug found on the PS4 version of No Man’s Sky?

A bug was discovered for the PS4 version, allegedly something tied up with pre-ordered shipped versions. Hello Games was aware of the problem and appended their QA group to help out players who were hit by the game-breaking bug via GameSpot.

The woes players are experiencing for No Man’s Sky is understandable, something most games are not exempted from. But the good news is that Hello Games has been attentive to the player’s concerns. Gamers have problems may want to head on over to the official No Man’s Sky support page  to know more about resolving the issues.

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