‘No Man’s Sky’ Release Date Confirmed: Creator Receives Death Threats Over Delay

‘No Man’s Sky’ Release Date Confirmed: Creator Receives Death Threats Over Delay
No Man’s Sky from No Man’s Sky / Hello Games

“No Man’s Sky” the much-anticipated space exploration game from Hello Games has stirred the hornet’s nest after news broke that it will be delayed for 2 months. Company founder Sean Murray has received death threats from gamers upset about the delay and he is not alone.


According to PlayStation UK Twitter account, the game is set for release on August 10th for both the UK and EU. The North American release set a day earlier on August 9th.

Before this confirmation however, gamers first let their anger known over the delay. The Mary Sue reported that the rumored delay from a leaked email to GameStop had gamers jumping and down in rage. They did not take the delay sitting down and their rage wasn’t just aimed at Murray.

Kotaku writer Jason Schreier received death threats and posted the message on Twitter. Do note that Kotaku and Schreier had nothing to do with the delay of “No Man’s Sky” and merely broke the news but we all know most gamers are prone to overreaction.

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Additionally, the fan made subreddit /r/NoMansSkyTheGame erupted with rage comments about Kotaku, Jason Schreier, and “clickbait journalism”. While this is happening, other members decided to be responsible and seek confirmation regarding the rumor.

The tension died down after PlayStation posted on its blog, confirming that the rumored delay is in fact confirmed. While there were others who obviously out of line, there were some who took responsibility for the actions of the community and tried their best at damage control.

#LoveHelloGames has been trending on Twitter since then to show that despite the hateful speech by some, the gaming community appreciates the works of the developer. Sean Murray has expressed his thanks to their support in a tweet positive about the “No Man’s Sky” development despite the threats.

This incident definitely shows that despite the gaming community having a reputation as being immature, there are those who prove that they can take responsibility for the actions of the peers. Hopefully, this will be the last time gamers resort to death threats to quell their frustrations over a delay.

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  • Thomas Shea

    It’s only a game. Sure I’m excited about it, too since hell. Noone’s tried to create a game world this large and varied before. As such, the developers would be remiss in releasing the game if it wasn’t ready. The ones making the death threats are immature idiots and should be barred from even buying it on principal alone. They’d rather have the game broken and unfinished rather than working… which would probably launch them into yet another tirade of death threats