No Christmas On Starbucks Red Cups “Because They Hate Jesus,” Evangelist Says

No Christmas On Starbucks Red Cups “Because They Hate Jesus,” Evangelist Says
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Starbucks drew massive attention over the weekend after the company, according to a former pastor, “removed Christmas” from its new red cups “because they hate Jesus.”


Joshua Feuerstein, an Arizona evangelist, posted a video on Facebook wherein he said that Starbucks removed Christ and Christmas from their new cups, which is why they have been made plain red. “I think in the age of political correctness we become so open-minded our brains have literally fallen out of our head,” he said in a Facebook rant, which he titled, “Starbucks REMOVED CHRISTMAS from their cups because they hate Jesus.” The video has received as many as 12 million views.

According to Fox News, Starbucks said last week that the introduction of the new design was to give the customers a blank canvas to share their own holiday stories. However, with the massive attention the new move garnered, Starbucks explained the red cups on its website, saying the idea was inspired from “customers who have been doodling designs on cups for years.” The company further said, “This year’s design is another way Starbucks is inviting customers to create their own stories with a red cup that mimics a blank canvas.”

In the video posted on Facebook by Feuerstein, he says that he told the company employee that his name was “Merry Christmas” so they would have put the same on his cup. He also wore a Jesus Christ t-shirt in the store which he said was “just to offend.”

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“Choose to not be political correct, just correct,” Feuerstein said. He supplemented this by asking people to take “coffee selfies” and using the hastag #MerryChristmasStarbucks.

In March, the coffee chain became the subject of criticism after it started an initiative to promote race relations. In 2009, Tropicana changed its carton design for its Pure Premium orange juice, but replaced it with the earlier design after the new design – a glass of orange juice – received outrage from consumers.

Jim Stengel, business consultant and former chief marketing officer at Procter & Gamble, said that Starbucks’ move to introduce red cups isn’t an attack on Christmas. “They clearly believe in the holidays — they have special blends, they have gingerbread,” he said, the Seattle Times reports. “I don’t think they’re playing any games,” he added. “It’s clearly still a holiday cup.”

It is not the first time Feuerstein has gained national attention. Last year, he posted a Facebook video wherein he called a Florida bakery and said he wanted a cake with the inscription, “We do not support gay marriage.” When the owner took it as a joke and subsequently hung up, he received hundreds of calls and death threats. In July, Feuerstein posted another video wherein he suggested that Christians should stand up and fight against gay rights with firearms.

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