Nintendo NX Release Date, Feature: Will It Feature Disk Or Will Function Like A 3DS?

Nintendo NX Release Date, Feature: Will It Feature Disk Or Will Function Like A 3DS?
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Cartridge all the way; at least as far as the latest Nintendo NX announcement is concerned. The news regarding the overall design of the console comes before the launch announcements of the PS4 NEO and the iPhone 7.


The newest console from the Japanese gaming company will make use of cartridges the same way the handheld Nintendo 3DS does. This is the latest announcement for Nintendo confirming rumors that the NX will use cartridges instead of disks.

Nintendo NX Will Use Cartridge Over Disks

According to Express, the rumors started when a gamer spotted a spotted a reference to cartridges in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild trademark filed in the US. The game is set to be launched alongside the Nintendo NX come March next year, if there are no more delays that is.

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While it is highly unlikely that the cartridges will resemble those from the days of the NES, they will have the same function. The cartridges might be smaller or slimmer depending on the design of the NX.

Their use as opposed to disks does come with benefits. For starters, disks are fragile and prone to scratches, which might cause a game to be unplayable.

A cartridge offers a much sturdier choice and with today’s technology capable of miniaturizing electronic parts, there’s even a slight chance other functions might be included with the physical copy.

The largest game retailer in the United States also issued a statement saying they are confident Nintendo will be releasing content. Paul Raines said in a recent earnings call “It will have physical media, we will play a role in it, our pre-owned business will also play a role. So we’re excited about that.”

Aside from a cartridge system, the Nintendo NX is also said to have customizable buttons, detachable controllers and support for mobile games. Fans will still have to wait for more information as the console is expected to be unveiled next month.

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