Nintendo NX Latest Rumors, Release Date and Update: Bethesda Hooking With ‘Elder Scrolls 6’, ‘Dishonored 2’?

Nintendo NX Latest Rumors, Release Date and Update: Bethesda Hooking With ‘Elder Scrolls 6’, ‘Dishonored 2’?
Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim jamesrl2012/ Flickr cc
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Nintendo continues to keep its mystery console Nintendo NX under wraps which means a lot of the things going around have been coming from the grapevine.


As it is, the Nintendo NX is best associated with the famed “Pokemon Go”, a game catering to all ages though a bit more on the less serious ones. Hence, the guess is on if Nintendo would take it up a notch and offer mature and serious games.

For that to happen, there has to be some sort of collaboration between Nintendo and several serious-making game developers. There is reportedly one in talks with the company, Bethesda.

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Is Bethesda on board?

Bethesda is best known for famed game titles like the “Elder Scrolls” series though it may seem a bit off when one looks down the list of games possible for the Nintendo NX. The first game titles that come to mind are “Super Mario” and maybe “Legend of Zelda”, the latter of which is perhaps the serious of the game titles that could come out for the Nintendo NX.

Just the same, that doesn’t close the door on third-party game developers from coming in. In fact, it could be something big.

The months have seen the wait for “Elder Scrolls 6” so why not add the Nintendo NX to the mix of possible game consoles? If not that, other titles could include “Dishonored 2”, “Witcher” or even “Injustice 2”. The possibilities are just endless.

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All of that may be wishful thinking for now but obviously doable. It all depends on how open Nintendo is on bringing in other titles that are not exclusive on their end.

Should they pull it off, the Nintendo NX could be getting somewhere. Banking on old game titles, Nintendo NX may be curbing it too thin so expanding may work wonders for Nintendo to get back in the game console version wars.

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