Nintendo Direct 2015 Announcements

Nintendo Direct 2015 Announcements
Image from Flickr by Joey Parsons
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Nintendo Joey Parsons Nintendo Direct 2015 Announcements
Image from Flickr by Joey Parsons

Despite April Fools’ Day, Nintendo has decided to go on with a few important but exciting announcements about the Wii U and the 3DS.


While critics and gamers alike thought they were going to see disappointment in the lineup, they were soon proven wrong. Nintendo Direct has announced a slew of independent titles such as Octodad: Dadliest Catch and Mutant Mudds: Super Challenge, both will be available on the eShop.

They also showed a trailer for the new Fire Emblem game. Also, Mario Maker, the much-awaited side-scrolling game creator, finally has a few release dates.

At 3pm PDT, Nintendo Direct began with the revelation that Pokemon Mewtwo, a Super Smash Bros. character exclusive only to 3DS and Wii U version owners, is to be available fr $4. Another Super Smash Bros. veteran that will soon to be available on June is Lucas.

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Nintendo didn’t stop there, further proving that their amiibo lineup is something worth pushing for. The company announced several amiibo. Techradar has listed the characters to be expected. May will see the release of Charizard, Lucina, Ness, Pac-Man, Robin and Wario. On June, there will be Dark Pitt and Palutena. Finally, fans can expect Bowser Jr, Olimar, Dr. Mario, Ganondorf, and Zero Suit Samus on September.

Mario Kart lovers who love to take things faster than ever are in for a treat. Nintendo has also announced that Mario Kart 8 will finally enable 200cc mode. This means racers can now drive 50cc faster than they usually could. The free update will be available on April 23, according to IGN.

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