Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Romantic Carpool Video Is Too Adorable

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Romantic Carpool Video Is Too Adorable
Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Carpool VideoKeith Urban / Facebook

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban showed to the world how in love they still are with each other with an adorable carpool video. The two lip-synched to and giggled throughout Urban’s hit single “The Fighter.”


In the video, which Urban posted on his Facebook page for his followers to enjoy, the couple was listening to the track when Kidman suddenly shouted how much she loves the song. Urban took this as the cue to serenade his wife, making Kidman giggle. They started singing together in the chorus.

Fans were quick to notice how much fun they were having and started to praise how sweet they are to each other.

One fan commented on the video: “I love how Keith and Nicole are having so much fun together! I wish more celeb couples would share clips like this. Thanks for being REAL PEOPLE”.

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Another wrote: “It’s amazing how the right partner can truly make you shine and bring out the best!! Keith is her knight in shining armour,” as reported by Hello Magazine.

The couple’s 10th year anniversary is in June. Even though their relationship is far from perfect, occasionally being wracked by divorce rumors and conflicts that other celebrity relationships have to deal with, the two never attempted to hide their love.

Urban revealed to Ellen DeGeneres in her talk show that for their 10th year anniversary, Kidman will meet him in Boston and they will celebrate the special day together.

Urban also said that when he was asked one time how his life changed upon meeting Kidman, he answered that it felt like his life started after that day. “I felt like I spent all the years leading up to that preparing. I didn’t know what it was, but that’s what it seemed like in hindsight.”

On the other hand, Kidman herself revealed to Entertainment Tonight that she’s a big fan of Urban’s music. “I’ve seen the work [Keith] puts into it and the love. He’s a musician, so every little tiny detail is all him, and I love that. I love that he’s passionate about his music,” she said.

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