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Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Divorce? Children With Tom Cruise Causing Trouble?

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Divorce? Children With Tom Cruise Causing Trouble?
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Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Divorce? Children With Tom Cruise Causing Trouble?

Is Nicole Kidman on the verge of losing both her husband and her children at the same time?

Nicole Kidman’s life is falling apart as her children from her previous marriage no longer want anything to do with her and her current husband, Keith Urban, wants out of the marriage too!

Nicole’s excessively controlling nature has been cited as the reason for the looming divorce between the country singer and the actress. So much so that Keith has started to see their marriage as more of a “dictatorship” rather than a marriage.

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“Nicole’s always kept a close watch on Keith because of his wild past and troubles with addiction, but it’s become so intense lately that it’s tearing their marriage apart,” reports Hollywood Life.

And even though Keith has promised to mend his ways, swearing complete allegiance to his wife, it was not enough for her as she continues to suffer from jealousy and bitterness often, making it suffocating for Keith to continue staying married to her anymore.

After Keith reaches his “breaking point” the previous month, the two decided to go on a bit of a time out from their marriage where both of them mulled things over. This is why Nicole also turned up to her latest film “Lions” premiere at the Toronto Film Festival sans Keith Urban.

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She has two children from her current marriage that could also end up hating her like her two eldest children from her marriage with Cruise, if Keith and Nicole were to get divorced.

But according to Radar Online, Tom Cruise’s Scientologist religion was the cause behind Bella and Connor, Nicole’s children with Cruise, getting estranged from their mother.

The church that Cruise and his children attend had gone as far as wiretapping Nicole’s phone and painting her as the “suppressive person” or the villain in the entire Cruise-Kidman divorce, pointed out journalist Steve Cananne in his book “Fair Game: The Incredible Untold Story of Scientology in Australia”.

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“They probably on half a dozen occasions would make derogatory comments about Nicole. On one occasion, Connor and Bella were both telling me how they had recognized that she’s an SP and I remember thinking at the time, ‘Wow, they were coerced into this thinking,’” said former Sea Org member, John Brousseau.

Nicole Kidman was also not invited to Bella’s wedding last year.

Her eldest children’s lack of trust in her might also be the reason she clings on so tightly to her present family, especially her husband, Keith Urban. Nicole has even suggested couple’s therapy but Keith sees so point in it.

If she cannot trust him, Keith does not see any hopes of saving their marriage.

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