Nicolas Cage Directing Adaptation Of Joyce Carol Oates’ ‘Rape: A Love Story’

Nicolas Cage Directing Adaptation Of Joyce Carol Oates’ ‘Rape: A Love Story’
Nicolas Cage nicolas genin / Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 2.0

Aside from helming the film, Nicolas Cage will also star as Detective John Dromoor in “Vengeance: A Love Story.”


Based on Joyce Carol Oates’ novel “Rape: A Love Story,” the film sees Cage’s character getting involved with the daughter of a woman named Teena, who was gang-raped around the Fourth of July. Concerned that the rapists’ lawyers will use Teena’s less-than-savory personal history against her, the daughter turns to Dromoor so she can find justice.

Cage told The Hollywood Reporter that he’s “excited” to bring Oates’ novel to life. “Storytelling has always been my passion and I’m honored to work with this talented team to tell a tale of the suffering too many women have endured,” he added.

Cage previously directed the 2002 film “Sonny,” which starred James Franco and Brenda Blethyn. The film received negative reviews, garnering an overall rating of 23 percent from Rotten Tomatoes and had a limited release.

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“Vengeance: A Love Story” will have scriptwriter John Mankiewicz, producer Michael Mendelsohn and executive producers Harold Becker and Mike Nilon. Mankiewicz lists “House M.D.” and “The New Yorker” under his writing credits, while Mendelsohn executive produced “Lord of War,” another Nicolas Cage starrer.

The team will start shooting on April 4 in Atlanta.

In other news, Cage co-stars with Elijah Wood in “The Trust,” a black comedy about two cops who navigate the winding, criminal roads of Vegas to maybe — just maybe — find large wads of cash. Screencrush reports that pop singer Sky Ferreira and Jerry Lewis will likewise appear in supporting roles for this film.

Other upcoming Cage films include the crime thriller “Dog Eat Dog,” the comedy “Army of One” featuring Russell Brand, and the Oliver Stone take on the infamous whisteblower “Snowden,” where Cage plays an ex-U.S. Intelligence Official. Cage last appeared in “The Runner” and “Pay the Ghost.”