Nicolas Cage Alice Kim Divorce: Actor Fake Dating To Make Wife Jealous?

Nicolas Cage Alice Kim Divorce: Actor Fake Dating To Make Wife Jealous?
Nicolas Cage nicolas genin / Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 2.0

Is Nicolas Cage proving to his cheating ex-wife that two can play the game? Is he fake-dating to make Alice Kim jealous?


After going through a bitter divorce, where Nicolas Cage had found Alice Kim, his then spouse, cheating on him, Nicolas is reportedly ready for some sweet revenge.

Nicolas Cage was recently spotted getting hot and heavy with another woman in a restaurant.

In the photos released by RadarOnline, Nicolas gets increasingly intimate with a kimono-clad woman, whose identity is still unknown. He appears to stroke her hair and even moved in for a kiss. This definitely raises the question – has Nicolas Cage already moved on with another woman or is he fake-dating to make his wife feel jealous?

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Nicolas Cage & Alice Kim Split

RadarOnline had earlier reported that Nicolas was disappointed that his wife was having an affair behind his back. The source had mentioned, “The reality is that Alice has been regularly spotted in Nevada with another man— and was even caught kissing him behind Nick’s back.”

While Nicolas and Alice were separated long ago in January, it was only recently that they decided to file for divorce. Had they not split, the two could have been celebrating their 12th marriage anniversary in July.

This will be the 3rd unsuccessful marriage of Nicolas Cage, who was earlier married to Patricia Arquette and Lisa Marie Presley.

It is highly unlikely that he is already planning to take a fourth wife so soon after his third divorce, especially since his has a 10-year old son with Alice Kim.

So is Nicolas cage getting back at his wife by going on dates with random strangers? Is the entire dating thing just a façade to make Alice Kim regret cheating on him?

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