Nice Attack Ruined Yacht Trip For Russian Socialite: Photos & Facts About Kristina Sysoeva

Nice Attack Ruined Yacht Trip For Russian Socialite: Photos & Facts About Kristina Sysoeva
Cruise and PARTY! 40 ZZ Bottom / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Russian socialite Kristina Sysoeva has earned the ire of the netizens worldwide after she ranted on social media about how the Nice attack in France ruined her yacht escapade.


Just like thousands of those who attended the Bastille Day in a coastal French city of Nice Thursday, Sysoeva has nothing but a party-ready spirit on the night of the attack. But unlike Sysoeva, those who were on the frontline of the rampage that claimed the lives of at least 84 innocent victims were shaken by the terrorist attack.

Syoeva then lamented online how her night was ruined by the incident. Syoeva is the ex-lover of British real estate magnate, Giles Mackay. She said in one of her interviews with LifeNews that it was pitiful that the supposed firework display had to be called off due to the event.

The fireworks display is the highlight of the St. Bastille Day, one of the major events in France. But due to the incident where a lorry went on a rampage along the pedestrian-filled promenade, authorities cancelled the iconic fireworks display. Sysoeva also posted some of her daring photos during her vacation in France, as reported by the Daily Mail.

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“I’m doing well, but it’s a pity they canceled the fireworks [because of the terror attack]. We were having dinner, and then a French guy came in and told us there was a terror attack, so we had to go back to shore. And we were upset because we wanted to watch fireworks, but this bad thing happened and everything was canceled!” she told LifeNews as quoted byRT.

Around 84 individuals have been reported dead due to the incident that shook not only France, but the entire world. The lone suspect, who was later identified as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, 31, died after police authorities responded minutes after the rampage.

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