Niall Horan’s Instagram Hacked On His Birthday! Tom Hiddleston Sent Heart-Felt Support?

Niall Horan’s Instagram Hacked On His Birthday! Tom Hiddleston Sent Heart-Felt Support?
Niall Horan vagueonthehow/Flickr CC BY 2.0

One Direction singer Niall Horan’s Instagram landed in a world of confusion when he found his Instagram account hacked on his birthday!


The hackers who are known to hack into the Instagram accounts of famous celebrities and fill their accounts with loads of random Snapchat accounts and creepy videos have found their latest victim and it’s none other than the teen heartthrob, poor Niall Horan.

The hackers who go by the name “ERROR 4.0.4” mostly, by their past record anyway, look for ways to grab attention rather than create mayhem or harm people’s reputation.

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Niall Horan’s Instagram

They have followed the same MO in all their hacks, finishing their notorious deed by changing the bio of the celeb in question to something along the lines of “TEAM.ERROR.4.0.4 TEAM.ERORR.4.0.4”, reports Mirror.

As soon the Irish singer found that his Instagram account had gone haywire, he took to Twitter to apologize to his fans and warn them about the abnormal content that has shown up on his Instagram, reports Metro.

“Something mad is goin on with my insta . Clearly some fool hacked it but they tagged themselves in it…” wrote Niall.

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Many die-hard 1D fans responded by showing their support and condemning the goons who dared hack into their favorite Directioner’s account.

“@NiallOfficial FIX IT YOU DONT DESERVE IT” wrote a user, while another wrote “@NiallOfficial niall don’t let ’em ruin your day. happy birthday, we love you”

Tom Hiddleston

If one person can totally understand what Niall Horan must be going through, it is Tom Hiddleston, whose Instagram account was similarly broken into by the same group of mischief makers a while back.

Even though the “Thor” actor is probably too depressed from his recent breakup to take notice of what is going on in the rest of the world, Niall should not be surprised if he got a Tweet from the former, expressing his heartfelt support and understanding!

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