Nia Guzman Demands Chris Brown Release Full Custody of Royalty To Her Because Of His Weeds

Nia Guzman Demands Chris Brown Release Full Custody of Royalty To Her Because Of His Weeds

Nia Guzman is not only out to make Chris Brown pay more for their daughter Royalty. She is keener to have Brown release full custody over the child to her because she believes Brown has dangerous habits.


Royalty’s mother is out to take the full custody of their daughter in the plea that Brown is going too far with his weed smoking and irresponsible habits, as reported by Hollywood Life.

“Chris is smoking, drinking and hanging with his OHB crew and Nia doesn’t like it one bit. He won’t stop smoking on his own and it’s forced her to take his a** to court to have the judge make him stop,” a source shared to the site. “Nia’s hands are tied. The only people Chris ever listens to is the robed man or woman that sits on bench with the gavel in hand. At the end of the day, Nia doesn’t want Royalty around him or in his care when he’s high, regardless if the nannies and his mother are there. She wants custody of her daughter, full out, and wants Chris to pay more than the bread crumbs he’s dolling out in child support.”

Nia had filed for the full custody of Royalty some months ago complaining about Chris’s rash lifestyle and how passive smoking has been affecting the child with asthma, as per Olisa TV. Guzman seems drawn out of her wits in dealing with Chris in order to make her stop or lessen weed intake. Chris had been dragged to court back in January when he was accused of exposing their daughter to a passive smoking. On the other hand, Chris went all the way to defend his smoking by saying it helps him in anger management.

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Nia had also demanded  a whopping $15000  for the custody of their daughter Royalty for her medical bills, nannies, schooling, and health insurance. The court, however, had ruled out her demand and had ordered Chris to pay her $2500 as agreed upon, per month.

The question now arises whether Chris Brown will lose the custody of their daughter Royalty. She has her point straight out that if Chris does not stop doing weeds or at least pay more for the support of Royalty, she should just get full custody of the baby.

Guzman has alleged Brown’s lifestyle should enable him to give more support. Guzman said Brown flaunts his money, partying, smoking, drinking and showing off expensive things on Instagram, a previous report from Hollywood Life revealed.

While the court may not agree that Guzman should be paid more, the court may also not favor Brown if he does not give up smoking and drinking habits. In the end, it’s the kid who will suffer if the issues are not resolved soon.

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