NFL Trade Rumors: San Francisco 49ers Sending Colin Kaepernick To New England Patriots?

NFL Trade Rumors: San Francisco 49ers Sending Colin Kaepernick To New England Patriots?
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The New England Patriots are short-handed in the quarterback position though it has come down to one game (against the Buffalo Bills). That happens next week, Oct. 2. Could Colin Kaepernick be of help?


Given the time allowance, the Patriots can try and negotiate a deal for an additional quarterback though up for consideration as well is the future of that player moving forward. One element in play is that Brady will be returning after that Bills game, possibly cramping the position.

Colin Kaepernick has long wanted out of the San Francisco 49ers so adding him makes a lot of sense. But all that was before Jacoby Brissett unveiled a breakout performance which allowed the Patriots to thump the Houston Texans, 27-0.

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Shortage at quarterback

The fact remains that the Patriots are still in need of reliable quarterbacks. Kaepernick would have been a savior for Bill Belichick had Brissett become a bust. The landscape has obviously changed and any deal would likely render the troubled 49ers quarterback no more than a backup.

Any deal involving Kaepernick will take some time to make. It was an emergency route which may no longer be necessary. But moving forward it could make sense especially with Tom Brady nearing retirement.

Will Kaepernick bite as a backup?

Right now Kaepernick has been kept in the sidelines after initially being a starter for the 49ers. A move to the Patriots will likely hand him a backup role at the least. Jimmy Garoppolo and now Brissett are the obvious stars unless Kaepernick proves he is better than both at the position.

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That said, a possible deal between the Patriots and 49ers suddenly makes no sense. Brissett has changed the fortunes of the Patriots though he needs to prove that with another possible starting job against the Buffalo Bills.

After that, Belichick may breathe a bit freely with Brady back in harness unless another freak accident pulls down one of his quarterbacks once more.

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