NFL Rumors: New England Patriots To Sign C.J. Spiller?

NFL Rumors: New England Patriots To Sign C.J. Spiller?
C.J. Spiller Wikipedia Commons CC BY 2.0

C.J. Spiller, who was earlier this week released by the New Orleans Saints, could end up signing with the New England Patriots, according to several reports.


The seventh-year running back was surprisingly cut by the Saints even though he had three full years left on his contract. Basically, the Saints paid him a guaranteed $9 million for just appearing in 13 regular season games.

Spiller was inactive (despite being healthy) during New Orleans’ opening game against the Oakland Raiders last weekend.

C.J. Spiller: Why the Patriots?

According to this NFL insider, the Patriots and Spiller are a great match due to Dion Lewis’ inactive status.

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“A good fit for Spiller would be with the New England Patriots. Right now the Patriots are without Dion Lewis for half the season. Both Blount and White have split the duties in the back-field. Blount is the rusher and White does the catching.

“Getting Spiller, gives them a dynamic option that can do both. He is a very good runner and excellent receiver. The Patriots love to create nightmare match-ups for defenses, getting Spiller gives them another weapon to put out there on the field,” explained the writer.

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According to Sean Payton, coach of the Saints, the team explored trade options before releasing Miller.

“It didn’t have to be done (the cut) by the first game of the regular season, his salary was guaranteed, this was more about was there a potential trade partner?

“And then, obviously, the urgency changed when we had the injury to (cornerback) Delvin Breaux,” Payton said earlier this week, justifying the team’s decision to release Spiller.

Breaux, who is expected to miss at least six weeks of action while recovering from a broken fibula that he suffered in the loss to the Raiders, has been replaced by veteran cornerback B.W. Webb, who the Saints felt was a better solution than Spiller.

Payton stressed that Spiller is “a phenomenal guy, teammate” but lost a berth on the roster due to his persistent knee injuries.

The Patriots could sign C.J. Spiller for the veteran minimum contract since the running back isn’t a very highly sought-after free agent.

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