NFL Rumors: Los Angeles Rams Dumping Case Keenum To Give Way To Jared Goff?

NFL Rumors: Los Angeles Rams Dumping Case Keenum To Give Way To Jared Goff?
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The Los Angeles Rams are still licking their wounds following that humiliating 28-0 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. Many are under the impression that the Rams are suffering severely on who to effectively use at quarterback.


Case Keenum has been starting alternately with Sean Mannion as the Rams are still not ready to give Jared Goff a chance to strut his wares. It may still be too early to tell, but head coach Jeff Fisher seems to be holding back on using the rookie quarterback.

While it is understandable that Goff needs to undergo a process before he can be elevated to starter, Fisher may eventually try him out. Keenum doesn’t seem to be the one who can perfectly fit in the Rams’ quarterbacking needs.

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Jared Goff slowly getting there

Goff started the season as the team’s third string quarterback. But after that loss to the 49ers, Fisher surprisingly elevated Goff to the backup role. This will be the case when the Rams face the Seattle Seahawks this weekend.

With the move, this could be the break that Goff has been waiting for and Keenum may want to take notice. However, the same holds true for Goff.

If the presumption is true that Fisher lacks the patience to wait on Keenum to prove his worth, the same could also hold true for Goff. If so, that makes every single minute of action he does critical.

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Fisher could expand his patience on Goff since the 21-year-old is a rookie. But that may all depend on the fortunes of the Rams. Compared to Keenum or even Mannion, Goff needs to prove that he can rise to the occasion and make a difference for the Rams.

It may sound unfair and a tall order for Goff. But if he wants to make a name for himself and prove he is the quarterback that the Rams need, all that starts against the Seahawks.

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