NFL Rumors: Cowboys Willing To Gamble On Johnny Manziel?

NFL Rumors: Cowboys Willing To Gamble On Johnny Manziel?
Johnny Manziel Erik Drost / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Johnny Manziel, the former Cleveland Browns quarterback, wishes to play for the Dallas Cowboys upon his return to the league. And it seems like the Cowboys could be receptive to the idea.


Manziel is in the midst of a court case in Texas with regards to the domestic violence allegations leveled by his ex-girlfriend, Coleen Crowley. If Manziel escapes a jail sentence, he would need to serve out a four-game suspension from the NFL before returning to a new team.

Johnny Manziel hopes to join Dallas

This past weekend, Manziel, waived by the Browns in March, was approached by gossip website TMZ about a possible comeback to the league. When asked which team the 23-year-old would want to play for, Manziel didn’t hesitate to answer the Cowboys.

If there’s one team that could roll the dice, it’s the Cowboys. Jerry Jones, owner of the Cowboys, has been a vocal supporter of Manziel for several years. In 2014, Jones wanted his front office to draft Manziel but offensive lineman Zack Martin fit the team’s requirement at the time.

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Earlier this year, Jones said that he wanted to help the troubled Manziel “get his life together” and give him an opportunity to showcase his skills with the Cowboys.

“I would in any way offer to help him work to be where we all are rooting for him (Manziel) to be, which is having a successful life and football career,” Jones said in March during an NFL owners meeting in Florida.

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Worth the trouble?

Jones acknowledged that Manziel had a long way to go before making a comeback. “I don’t even dare, right now, go into picturing him (Manziel) in a training camp or an OTA or him in a ballgame. You don’t go there,” before adding helping Manziel get back on track is a motivation for him.

At this stage, it’s very unlikely that any team risk signing Manziel, who has brought with him a whirlwind of trouble since he was drafted by the Browns in 2014. Even though nobody has questioned Manziel’s on-field talents, his off-the-field troubles have marred his career.

Having said that, it’s abundantly clear that the Cowboys and Johnny Manziel have a lot of mutual admiration for one another and could be willing to make things work when the former Heisman Trophy winner gets his life back on track.

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