NFL Rumors: Colin Kaepernick To Be Cut By San Francisco 49ers?

NFL Rumors: Colin Kaepernick To Be Cut By San Francisco 49ers?
Colin Kaepernick Mike Morbeck / Flickr cc

Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback, finds himself in a tight spot with the franchise after refusing to stand up for the national anthem ahead of Friday’s preseason game against the Denver Broncos.


It was the third time this preseason when the 28-year-old took a stance against racial injustice in the country, a decision which hasn’t gone down well with his 49ers teammates.

Lienbacker NaVorro Bowman feels Kaepernick’s pre-game ritual has left the team in a sticky situation. “Things like this break teams apart and we can’t let that happen. Colin chose to do this. We know Colin and we support him. We don’t think he is a bad teammate because he decided to voice his opinion.”

Colin Kaepernick faces uphill battle

According to senior NFL insider John Glazer, there is very little chance that Kaepernick makes the team when the new season begins in a few weeks.

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“Regardless of politics or not, he has a very, very big uphill battle to make this team. I’d be shocked if he’s on the 49ers by the time this season ends. It has nothing to do with political views whatsoever,” said Fox Sports’ Glazer.

“He lost a ton of weight this offseason, had three surgeries, couldn’t work out, lost that double threat, that size-speed ratio. No political views, he just hasn’t been effective. He’s regressing as a player. I’d be shocked if he’s on this roster by the end of this year. He may not be on it in the next two weeks,” added Glazer.

In 2014, the 49ers signed Kaepernick to a six-year, $114 contract with hopes that the former Nevada standout would remain the starting quarterback that leads the team to its first Super Bowl championship since 1994. However, several insiders believe the team would be better off investing with Blaine Gabbert as the starter.

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Is Gabbert ready to start?

With Christian Ponder and Jeff Driskel also in the mix, San Francisco doesn’t have a lack of depth at the QB position. “Kaepernick’s contract guarantees him an $11.9 million salary this season, and ordinarily a player with an $11.9 million guaranteed salary isn’t going to get cut,” reasoned NBC Sports’ Michael David Smith.

“But the 49ers can save a little money by cutting Kaepernick and hoping he signs with another team, as they would be able to reduce that $11.9 million by the amount of Kaepernick’s salary with a new team,” added Smith.

According to, 49ers team executives held a meeting on Sunday in the aftermath of Kaepernick’s actions on Friday night, not to mention the quarterback’s strong words about racial injustice.

“I have great respect for men and women that have fought for this country. I have family. I have friends that gone and fought for this country. They fight for freedom. They fight for the people.

They fight for liberty and justice for everyone. And that’s not happening. People are dying in vain because this country isn’t holding their end of the bargain up as far as, you know, giving freedom and justice and liberty to everybody,” Colin Kaepernick said over the weekend to NFL media.