NFL Rumors: Christian Ponder New ‘Chip’ For The San Francisco 49ers?

NFL Rumors: Christian Ponder New ‘Chip’ For The San Francisco 49ers?
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The San Francisco 49ers have yet to resolve their quarterbacking woes with Blaine Gabbert simply failing to live up to the standards of Chip Kelly. Colin Kaepernick is seen as the next best thing but the word out is that Christian Ponder could be the anointed one.


Ponder is the third stringer for the 49ers but the word out is that his teammates are vouching for him over Kaepernick. With Gabbert faltering and Kaepernick’s history, the decision may eventually depend on Kelly.

The 49ers are suffering badly with Gabbert as a starter, falling to the Arizona Cardinals 33-21. Gabbert threw 162 yards to go with a touchdown and two interceptions which may have been the last straw. Kelly is weighing his options though that originally didn’t include Ponder, ESPN reported.

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Ponder Fit For Uptempo

Even though his name wasn’t mentioned, Kelly is reportedly keen on Ponder. He is seen as a better fit to Kelly’s uptempo offense with Ponder seen as a threat who provides a threat of a run, in another report from ESPN.

Though he has yet to make a difference this season, Ponder was a former starter for the Minnesota Vikings. Among his highlights included going 14-12-1 and throwing 6,658 yards, 38 touchdowns and 36 interceptions.

Ponder has not made an impact since 2014 so his state is in question. Right now, it remains to be seen if Kelly would listen to the dish of the offensive line to have Ponder start. But with Gabbert and Kaepernick not looming as viable options, Kelly could take a chance and gamble on the former Florida State player with nothing much to lose.

Kaepernick is rumored to be starting for the 49ers against the Buffalo Bills but the report from UPI comes with a lot of conflicts on what Kelly plans to do. A definitive word could crop up in the coming days on who will be the actual starter for the 49ers.

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  • Haw Haw

    49er brass spreading the rumor that players want Ponder, which is a fabrication.

    Either the Niners are planning to trade KAP or they really are working hard to be absolute losers. Probably both.