NFL Rumors: Cam Newton Career May Come To Abrupt End

NFL Rumors: Cam Newton Career May Come To Abrupt End
Cam Newton Keith Allison / Flickr cc
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Cam Newton is not expected to suit up for the Carolina Panthers against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers though his absence will likely matter. Derek Anderson will fill in for the 27-year-old star who needs to get proper medical clearance before he can return to quarterbacking duties.


Looking ahead and assuming Cam Newton does return, he may want to rethink his style of play, Bleacher Report reported. Blessed with lightning speed, the fact is that he cannot achieve success with speed alone. He needs to pass more and trust his teammates unless he wants to see his career path dwindle over time.

Ron Rivera Must Make A Stand

Cam Newton will need guidance and no other person can do that other than his coach, Ron Rivera, Fox Sports reported. The Panthers achieved something by making Super Bowl 50 but that match with the Denver Broncos alone shows Newton cannot do it all by himself.

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Opposing teams are expected to find ways to ground Newton and a proper defensive matrix will do the trick. Once that happens, more hits are expected and a lot of players have suffered from such with their careers slowed down with sacks.

Bobby Douglas of the Chicago Bears is one clear example, setting the record for most passes in a season back in 1972. Newton is likely to bat that the game has changed since then but the bottom line is avoiding the sacks for apparent reasons.

The aftermath of countless tackles may have already shown for Newton against the Atlanta Falcons. Moving forward, it would not be surprising if the star quarterback for the Panthers shows some confidence issues the next time he takes the field.

Hence, Newton could suffer not only physically but mentally, an occurrence that Rivera and the Panthers would not want to deal with. The fact is if Newton wants a long career, he need to be more careful and seek help from his Panthers’ teammates.

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