NFL Rumors: Brock Osweiler done in Houston?

NFL Rumors: Brock Osweiler done in Houston?
Brock Osweiler Jefferey Beall/ Flickr cc

Brock Osweiler has hardly proven he is worth the four-year $72 million contract he got with the Houston Texans and the issue seems to be escalating.


The word out is that Osweiler and coach Bill O’Brien went at it at a quarterback’s meeting which is not helping the team’s predicament.

Osweiler and O’Brien got in a heated exchange per sources via CBS as the pressure mounts on the Houston Texans. A lot of it was compounded by Osweiler’s performance against the Minnesota Vikings this weekend.

Osweiler objects to being a puppet.

O’Brien has taken over play-calling duties on behalf of a sub-par performance by Osweiler. Apparently, the 25-year-old quarterback who the Texans snagged from the Denver Broncos has been proving critics right. Proof of that is the fact that he is 31st in quarterback ranking in the NFL this season on top of the fact that the Texans are the second worst in offense in the NFL this season, Fox Sports reported.

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While the Texans are holding a decent 3-2 record, the team could do better at the quarterback position. Seeing how he got a hefty contract, team owner Bob McNair expectedly wants more from the hefty investment on Osweiler which includes a potential Super Bowl appearance.

Houston will be hosting the Super Bowl this year and the only way the Texans can make it there is by churning out a better performance and win-loss record. All that starts with a humming offense, something that starts with Brock Osweiler.

All eyes on Osweiler, O’Brien.

Bill O’Brien has thus had sleepless nights figuring out how to get the offense going and the heated exchange is seen as one related to it. Frustrated and pressured to deliver, it will be interesting how he and Osweiler can work together.

If Osweiler continues to disappoint, it would not be surprising to find the Texans consider other options. That would include going with another quarterback that would place Brock in the doghouse or even sent packing.

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