NFL Rumors: Blaine Gabbert To Be Traded Or Benched Soon

Blaine Gabbert, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback, faces an uncertain future with the team after several sources suggested that the 26-year-old could be traded in the near future.


According to Bleacher Report, Niners coach Chip Kelly was disappointed with Gabbert’s performance against the Seattle Seahawks over the weekend and hinted that back-up Colin Kaepernick could return to the starting unit.

Against the Seahawks, Gabbert finished 14 of 25 for 119 yards with one interception. It was a forgettable performance that gave Seattle a comfortable 37-18 victory.

Blaine Gabbert done with Niners?

Many analysts have stated that Gabbert is not the answer at QB and the Niners have no choice but to either start Kaepernick or look to trade for an upgrade.

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In fact, Gabbert was so bad that even the Seahawks players felt they were posed with zero competition.

“There is no challenge (posed by Gabbert). He threw for 100 yards. The challenge is him reading the defenses and staying in the pocket.

“What’s the point in running when you have to throw the ball? I think Kaepernick gives the team a better chance to win, but that’s just my opinion,” felt Seattle defensive end Michael Bennett.

This Niners beat writer feels that even though Kaepernick could prove to be a better solution at QB, the team is likely to stick to the current plan at least until Week 6.

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Chip Kelly sticking with plan?

Even Chip Kelly has conceded that he has no plans to replace the QB.

And Gabbert, who was drafted No.10 overall in the 2011 draft, seemingly pointed the blame back to the coach.

“Whatever play is called (by the coach), it’s up to the 11 guys in the football field to execute it. We’ve just got to play better. We’ve just got to play better as a group on offense.

“It starts with me at the quarterback position, and really look (at) ourselves in the mirror and see what we can do individually and as a group to excel on offense,” added Gabbert.

Interestingly, Kaepernick has refuted coach Kelly’s claims that he is not yet 100% healthy.

“Yeah, I think I showed that (I’m healthy enough to start) in the last preseason game. I’m out at practice every day working, making sure that I’m ready for when that time does come.

“I’m always ready to step on that field and looking forward to that opportunity.”

How long before Blaine Gabbert is traded or benched?

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