NFL Rumors 2016: Oakland Raiders, Sio Moore Reuniting?

NFL Rumors 2016: Oakland Raiders, Sio Moore Reuniting?
Sio Moore Jeffrey Beall/ WIkimedia Commons cc
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The Indianapolis Colts recently cleaned house when they waived Sio Moore and released Antonio Cromartie. The two were starters for the Colts but the cutting of ties was a result of the team’s poor defense.


Moving forward, Sio Moore could be an interesting linebacker for any team, including his former club – the Oakland Raiders. Seeing however that he was a liability in defensive coverage, would his former team take a chance on him now?

The Oakland Raiders Situation

Looking over at the Raiders camp, the only notable players in the rotation are Ray-Ray Armstrong, Ben Heeney, and Malcolm Smith. Heeney and Smith have not exactly performed accordingly, not to mention injuries keeping them at bay.

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To make up for the absence of Heeney and Smith, Perry Riley was signed to fill in for Heeney leaving the position of Smith vacant. That said, would the Raiders take a chance to get Sio Moore once again to fill in the slot?

The concern that could hinder a potential return of Moore are his lapses on defense, reported. But given that coach Jack Del Rio is pressed to a corner, the slacking linebacker could be of some use at least for the rest of the season.

Moore Fit To Fill In For Smith?

There is no word on the extent of Smith’s injury. Updates have been kept to a minimum though the real extent may depend on future player signings. Del Rio mentioned in 2015 that he had the depth which led to the Moore trade, Fansided reported.

Apparently, the landscape has changed for the Raiders and Del Rio may need to backtrack a bit and seriously consider given Moore a second chance. Given that Moore had his moments sans the defense, he could be one of the viable options of Del Rio for now with some risks of course.

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