NFL Rumors 2016: Jimmy Garoppolo May Play Against Buffalo Bills, Jacoby Brissett Shunned?

NFL Rumors 2016: Jimmy Garoppolo May Play Against Buffalo Bills, Jacoby Brissett Shunned?
Jimmy Garoppolo Jeffrey Beall/ Commons Wikimedia cc
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The New England Patriots have one more game before Tom Brady returns to the mix though it remains to be seen who will quarterback the team – Jimmy Garoppolo or Jacoby Brissett?


The latest on Garopollo is that the 24-year-old could play against the Bills though a lot depends on the state of his shoulder, CBS reported. Garopollo suffered a sprained AC joint which kept him from playing against the Houston Texans.

With no recourse, head coach Bill Belichick was forced to turn to rookie and third-string quarterback Jacoby Brissett. The Pats weren’t given much of a chance but Brissett had the last laugh in successfully holding the fort with a 27-0.

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That said, it seems only logical to use Brissett while Garoppolo is not 100%. But according to, the rookie is dealing with a thumb injury. The injury is not deemed serious but the Patriots are still treating it with caution.

Who is in real pain?

The reason behind the possibility of Garoppolo play against the Bills is more on pain management between the two. While the right thumb injury of Brissett is not considered serious, the fact remains that the rook was in a lot of pain as seen against the Texans.

Hence, it is now not a matter of who is playing better for the Patriots but who is healthier. With Garoppolo sitting out, such could be enough to reinstate him for at least one game.

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If that should be the case, Brissett’s game against the Texans could be a one-and-done deal. He may get a chance to quarterback in the future though that would depend on a lot of things.

It depends on how long Garoppolo can keep up and whether Brady returns perfectly after the Bills game. The only consolation for Belichick and the Pats right now is that at some point, they have the luxury of choosing which quarterback between Garoppolo and Brissett will succeed a likely retiring Tom Brady.

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  • Quiet_Think

    Shunned? Could you have chose a more ignorant description? Probably not. Guess you just wanted clickbait in your headline so you would get more attention than professional writers.

    Everyone knows Garoppolo will start over Brissett if he his healthy enough. Even Brissetts mom would agree.