NFL News: Officials Miss Illegal Batting After Johnson Fumble, Admits NFL

NFL News: Officials Miss Illegal Batting After Johnson Fumble, Admits NFL
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The Detroit Lions were trying to stage a late comeback in the fourth quarter. While the Lions were closing on in a touchdown, the Seahawks were incorrectly given a decision after a Calvin Johnson fumble. Linebacker K.G. Wright batted it out of the end zone.


The Lions trailed 13-10 with 1:51 minutes left. Johnson lunged for the end zone from 1 yard line, but the ball was punched off by Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor just short of the goal line.

The way Wright knocked the ball out of the end-zone was illegal, according the NFL rules.

Dean Blandino, the vice-president of NFL, pointed out the flaw.

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“We’ll review all the angles,” Blandino said on Monday Night Football. “On TV it looked like the Seahawks player intentionally hit the ball. That is a foul. The result of the penalty would give Detroit possession enforced at the spot of the fumble. With half the distance to the goal line, Detroit would have had a first down.”

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Balndino also added, “I have spoken to the referee [Tony Corrente]. He did not see that part of the play because that is not his area. The back judge [Greg Wilson] felt it was not an intentional act, that it was inadvertent.”

Wright boldly admitted that his act was intentional after the match.

“I wanted to just knock it out of bounds and not try to catch it and fumble it,” he said. ” I was just trying to make a good play for my team.”

The officials though ruled out the touchback without any flag being thrown.