NFL News: MVP Candidate ‘Cam Newton’ Asked To Return Ripped Banner

NFL News: MVP Candidate ‘Cam Newton’ Asked To Return Ripped Banner
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Cam Newton has been simply sensational this season, leading Carolina Panthers to an 8-0 record to start the season, while bolstering his chances to walk away with the NFL MVP award.


Panthers’ Newton, Andy Dalton (Cincinnati Bengals) and Tom Brady (New England Patriots) are currently in a tight battle for the MVP award with each of their respective teams going into Week 10 with 8-0 records. Newton, 26, has already led his team to back-to-back NFC South titles.

Newton’ on-field ability has never been questioned. But some of his off-the-field antics have often made news. Remember the time when there were stories about his supposedly fake smile? Newton was at it again Sunday before his team’s 37-29 home victory against the Green Bay Packers. He tore down a Packers banner and said afterward that “it felt like a hostile environment” because there were just too many Green Bay fans packing up the Bank of America stadium.

The banner, near the entrance, referred to the stadium as being Packers’ country. Clearly, this didn’t sit well with Newton.  “We take pride in having an edge in playing in Bank of America Stadium, of playing in front of the Carolinas each and every week,” said the quarterback. “I feel it’s my due diligence to protect this house. It wasn’t just about tearing down a sign. It was respect.”

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“We played in Green Bay last year, and I didn’t see no ‘This is Panthers Country’ sign in their stadium,” said Newton. “I was passing. The sign was dangling. Either somebody was going to take it off, or I take it off. It’s no disrespect to nobody. It’s just more of a respect to the stadium. We all know gangs, we all know territories, we all know businesses … you’re not about to sit up here and sell a Whopper at a McDonald’s,” added Newton.

According to the Fayetteville Observer, Mike Dobs, the owner of the banner, didn’t take kindly to Newton’s actions and told stadium police it was stolen. Dobs had to reportedly pay $500 to have the banner made, and has ordered that Newton and Panthers return his property. “I was just shocked, shocked (that Newton would snatch the banner),” Dobs told the Observer.