NFL News: Los Angeles Rams Discuss Signing Peyton Manning

NFL News: Los Angeles Rams Discuss Signing Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning Jeffrey Beall / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Will Peyton Manning finally retire at the end of this season? If he doesn’t, the Los Angeles Rams are interested in signing him. The team management internally discussed about bringing the veteran superstar quarter back.


Manning has a contract with the Denver Broncos till 2016. But experts don’t see him returning at Denver if he decides to play another season.

Joe Namath finished off with the Rams in 1977, informs Real GM. Manning may follow his footsteps by landing in South California to end his illustrious career. Colts quarterback Johnny Unitas signed off with the Deccan Chargers in 1973.

Case Keenum is the team’s starter entering the off-season, said Rams coach Jeff Fisher in his season-ending news conference. Manning still needs to decide whether he will feature in the next season or not. Rams are still in the process of formulating their quarterback situation, as reported by ESPN.

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Super Bowl 50 is going to be Manning’s fourth title game in 18 seasons. Whether Sunday’s game would be his last one remains to be seen. Manning came back from a spinal fusion surgery in 2011 to play four seasons for the Broncos.

“I’ve tried to stay in the moment, tried not to look back,” Manning explained Monday during Super Bowl 50 media night. “Just tried to stay in the moment.”