NFL News: Eli Manning Accepts Blame For Telling Jennings Not To Score

NFL News: Eli Manning Accepts Blame For Telling Jennings Not To Score
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The New York Giants showed how a game in hand could be blown due to poor clock management in extra time on Sunday. The Giants lost the game by the narrowest possible margin. There may be a hell lot of things that went wrong, but the weirdest thing was quarterback Eli Manning telling running back Rashed Jennings not to score when the Giants were within Dallas’ 10 yard box in the end of the game.


And Manning repeated his mistake by telling him twice. Jennings said he was instructed from the huddle from the 4-yard line not to score, and he didn’t. And again on the second down, he was asked the same from 2-yard-line, and he followed it. Now the Giants are ruing the calls.

The Giants were leading 23-20 with just two minutes remaining. The tactic is smart on certain situations, but not when a team is leading by a field goal and touchdown can swing it the other way.

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In sharp contrast, Ahmad Bradshaw shouldn’t have scored in the Super Bowl XLVI, but his momentum made him do so. That did work, as the Giants defeated the Patriots to clinch the title.

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Manning admitted his guilt later of taking strategic matter in hand.

“This did not come from the sideline. It was me, and I was wrong. I cannot be the one in that situation to inform a back. That’s not my decision, in that scenario. I made a mistake,” Manning said on a conference call.

Pointing out the bad communication as the coaches didn’t get his message during the second down, Manning said, “I thought we were on the same page.”

Manning also spoke to Jennings on the issue after the game.

“I’m not mad,” Jennings said. “We’re doing this as a team, and we thought it was best for us not to score at that point. Of course I wanted to, but that’s just the football player in you.”