Nexus 6 Vs iPhone 6: Should You Choose Google Nexus 6 Over iPhone 6?

Nexus 6 Vs iPhone 6: Should You Choose Google Nexus 6 Over iPhone 6?

In this Google Nexus 6 and iPhone 6 report, we will see more of the flagship and best-selling smartphones from Google and Apple. Both devices have their pros and cons. As iPhone is making headlines for all the wrong reasons these days, is it time to invest into Google Nexus 6?

If Apple has iOS 9, “Nexus 6” has Project Fi. One can make a decision about which smartphone to buy depending solely on these factors. Where iOS 9 is considered to be one of the best operating systems of Apple till date, Project Fi is a service that has the potential to change the face of internet and mobile networks. When it comes to considering two of the strongest points, there is a tie between Nexus 6 and iPhone 6. Now, let us move on to other features and specifications.


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Camera: iPhone 6 is a clear winner here. Nexus 6 has never been recognized for being a great camera phone. And with iPhone 6 introducing iSight, the camera quality of this smartphone has reached another level Nexus 6 cannot beat.

Performance: iPhone 6s is no different than iPhone 5s, but it still does not give you a chance to complain when it comes to performance. Similarly, Nexus 6 performs extremely well as it is packed with Quad-Core Snapdragon processor with 3GB RAM and 2.7 GHZ, 64-bit support in Lollipop and a 32-bit chip. You can imagine how smoothly this smartphone works.

Quality of displayBoth devices being high-end phones cannot afford to compromise on the quality of display. While Nexus 6 comes with QHD display and AMOLED screen technology which offers touchless controls to users, iPhone 6 has a resolution higher that of HD phones and has also introduced retina display. Again, there is a tie here.

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As mentioned above, these phones can be chosen depending on what you need the most in your device – a super strong network or an advanced operating system. None of the devices is better than the other. So if you are an Android fan, you know which phone to pick, and if you are an iOS fan, you have no other option than buying iPhone 6.