‘Nexus 5X’ Better Than ‘Nexus 5,’ But Not As Good As ‘Nexus 6P’

‘Nexus 5X’ Better Than ‘Nexus 5,’ But Not As Good As ‘Nexus 6P’
Google Nexus 5X TechStage / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0
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What's This?

Every new phone is better than its older version and a little less advanced than the upcoming one. The case is different with Google’s latest Nexus phones, “Nexus 5X” and “Nexus 6P”. Both devices were launched together, but they are not the same. What’s the difference? Read on to know more about Nexus 5X.


The design of Nexus 5X is not much different than Nexus 5. The looks haven’t improved. But when it comes to fitting it into your palm, this smartphone does a pretty good job. The display protection is also no different than the Nexus 5, as both phones come with Gorilla Glass 3. Compared to these devices, Nexus 6P has a better display. It comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 4, oleophobic coating. Both new Nexus devices sport a 12.3 MP camera while the Nexus 5 comes with just 8-MP primary camera. Google has not done any partiality when it comes to the picture quality with Nexus 5X, but the quality of pictures can get slightly affected under low-light conditions. Nexus 6P does a great job here. Also, as it costs you a little more than the Nexus 5X, it offers you additional more features for easy clicking.

Now let us move to the most important part of a cell phone: its battery.

Nexus 5 – 2300 mAh Li-Po
Nexus 5X – 2700 mAh Li-Po
Nexus 6P – 3450 mAh Li-Po

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As you can see, Nexus 6P is a clear winner here. But compared to the older version, Nexus 5X’s battery life has improved. Even after heavy usage, you can expect your battery to stay with you throughout the day. Thanks to Android M and its Doze feature. Another best part of Nexus 5X is that it comes with zero bloatware.