Next James Bond To Replace Daniel Craig: Tom Hiddleston Or Aidan Turner?

Next James Bond To Replace Daniel Craig: Tom Hiddleston Or Aidan Turner?
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After “Spectre,” the entertainment industry has been on the hunt for who they think would suffice as the new James Bond. Is it going to be Tom Hiddleston? How about Aidan Turner?


There is no shortage of handsome men that can take Craig’s role. The choice range from “Dracula’s” Oliver Jackson-Cohen, “Mad Max: Fury Road’s” Tom Hardy, “Avengers’” Tom Hiddleston, and “Thor’s” Idris Elba. There’s even “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’s” Henry Cavil. With such a strong and interesting lineup, anyone can do!

During an interview with Fox 5 to discuss his latest film “I Saw the Light,” Tom Hiddleston was asked as to whether he has been considered as a candidate to fill the role of James Bond. Hiddleston said it’s too soon to tell.

“It’s one of those things, I think with ‘Bond,’ it’s hubristic to comment on it until one is invited,” he said.

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However, as reported by Movie News Guide, Aidan Turner is a strong contender. Reportedly, he has already flown to LA to meet with Bond producers!

Turner first earned recognition for his acting abilities in “Poldark,” the acclaimed television series currently on its second season. Turner was said to have been summoned by Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson after he finished shooting for “Poldark’s” second season.

Of course, nothing is set in stone until some official announcement has been made. Will Tom Hiddleston land the “James Bond” role? Is Aidan Turner the most suitable choice as 007?

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  • bugsmom898

    Aidan Turner is amazing! He is an acting chamelion!! He can become any character we want him to be and would make a spectacular Bond! If you haven’t seen him in Poldark and Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”, you are truly missing out. Watch them both!!

  • Bonny Wise

    If Aidan Turner wants to be Bond, he will be a good one with a different vibe to energize the franchise I think. Agree with bugsmom898, watch Poldark, Desperate Romantics and Being Human if you have not seen him in anything yet.

  • Annie L

    If Aidan Turner is the new James Bond I think the audience will both shaken and stirred! He really does have “IT”.