In The News Today: Zendaya Cast In ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot, Maria Sharapova Fails Drug Test & More

In The News Today: Zendaya Cast In ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot, Maria Sharapova Fails Drug Test & More

Maria Sharapova admits to failing drug test during the Australian Open. During a press conference organized by the tennis star’s camp, Sharapova came onstage and announced that she had received a letter from the ITF (International Tennis Federation) a few days ago, informing her that she had failed the said test.


Sharapova said she had been taking the drug meldonium for the past 10 years. This is largely due to “several health issues” she had back in 2006, including “irregular EKG results, indications of diabetes” and flu. Meldonium only became a banned substance on January 2016. Following Sharapova’s admittance, the ITF has announced that the tennis star has been given provisional suspension with effect from March 12. Meanwhile, Sharapova said, “I don’t want to end my career this way and I really hope that I will be given the another chance to play this game.”

U.S. strikes against al-Shabaab in Somalia. The Pentagon has said they had struck the terrorist organization’s training facility using both manned and unmanned aircraft. An affiliate of al-Qaeda, the al-Shabaab had been said, according to Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook, to have been “recruiting new members, establishing bases and planning attacks” on both the U.S. military and members of the African Union Mission in Somalia.

Dozens of fighters quit ISIS. A new video has emerged showing dozens of Islamic State fighters who have decided to defect to join a rival militant group. It is unclear what group the fighters will be joining and where they are headed. According to a report from Newsweek, foreign fighters who arrive to join ISIS soon realize that the reality of the Islamic State’s situation is different from what is being shown in their online propaganda. When they do, they simply decide to leave.

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Former New York mayor Bloomberg decides not to join presidential race. Michael Bloomberg has announced that he has decided not to run for president. In an article, he admits that he believes he will not be able to win as he wouldn’t be able to secure 270 Electoral College votes needed to get to the White House. For him, the presidency is simply a risk he is unwilling to take.

Zendaya has been cast in the upcoming “Spider-Man” reboot. The young actress is set to star in the movie that will be made by Marvel and Sony. According to Variety, Zendaya will be playing a key role and will star alongside Tom Holland as Parker and Marisa Tomei as Aunt May.

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