In The News Today: Singer Joey Feek May Only Live Few More Days, Belgian Police Uncovers ISIS Dirty Bomb Plot, & More

In The News Today: Singer Joey Feek May Only Live Few More Days, Belgian Police Uncovers ISIS Dirty Bomb Plot, & More
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New declassified materials reveal Osama bin Laden’s letter to young American people. According to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, March 1 marks the date in which the second batch of materials recovered during the raid in Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan are declassified and released to the public. Among them is what Bin Laden referred to as a letter “To the American people.”


He addressed the letter mainly to people “who support real change, especially the youth.” Here, he talked about liberating Palestine and how the killings will continue so long as it has not happened yet. In the end, Bin Laden stated, “The United States shall pay for its arrogance with the blood of Christians and their funds.”

Navy Medal Of Honor Recipient dedicates award to fallen SEAL. When Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer Edward C. Byers Jr. accepted the Medal of Honor from President Obama for his actions during the rescue of an American hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan, he revealed that not all of them got out of the mission alive.

“To my teammate, brother and friend, Nicolas Checque, this award is truly his. He was an American hero and the hero of that operation,” he eloquently said. According to Byers, Checque was the operation’s team leader who died from injuries when they were attacked by the Taliban in a remote building after the rescue. Byers dedicates his medal to him.

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Belgian police find evidence of dirty bomb ISIS plot. Following the deadly attacks in Paris last year, Belgian police obtained films from ISIS members that reveal close surveillance of a senior researcher at a Belgian nuclear center. According to The Washington Times, it is suspected that ISIS had planned to kidnap the researcher or his family members to do a ransom exchange involving nuclear materials.

Waze gets soldiers lost and leads them to a deadly conflict. Two Israeli soldiers had relied on navigational app Waze and unknowingly drove into an area of the West Bank near the Kalandia refugee camp. The area is known to be a hot spot for trouble. Upon seeing them in a recognizable military vehicle, the Palestinians immediately assumed that the soldiers were part of a raid. They attacked with firebombs and rocks. They also set the vehicle on fire. The soldiers fled on foot.

According to a report from The New York Times, the dangerous part of the West Bank is not readily shown in Waze’s default setting for navigation. The soldiers would have had to turn off the app’s “safe mode” to be able to navigate the area.

Husband prepares to say goodbye to Joey Feek. If there’s one thing Rory Feek is sure of, it’s that his beautiful wife, the other half of the Joey + Rory country duo, is about to pass. In his blog, the singer opened up about how his wife has already been asleep for the past few days and how much time Joey has left. The answer to that is “a few more days… at the most.”

Joey had been diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2014. Last year in November, the couple had decided to end treatment as her cancer had already become terminal. They moved to a hospice care in Indiana. According to Rory, Joey’s body is now “shutting down quickly.”

Before she went to sleep, Joey had managed to celebrate her daughter Indiana’s second birthday and say goodbye to her loved ones. She also managed to kiss her daughter for the last time. And right before she had gone to sleep, Rory wrote that Joey’s last words were, “I have no regrets… I can honestly say, that I have done everything I wanted to do and lived the life I always wanted to live.”

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