In The News Today: Sarah Shahi To Play Nancy Drew, Russian Woman Carrying Child’s Head Arrested, & More

In The News Today: Sarah Shahi To Play Nancy Drew, Russian Woman Carrying Child’s Head Arrested, & More
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A Russian woman wandered around Moscow brandishing the severed head of a four-year-old girl. Gyulchehra Bobokulova walked around the Oktyabrskoye Pole metro station while carrying the head of four-year-old Nastya M, who she had decapitated earlier before setting the apartment where the child lived on fire. Firemen found the child’s beheaded body when they put out the fire. Bobokulova was reportedly Nastya’s nanny. Moscow’s Interior Ministry said the nanny had waited for Nastya’s parent’s to leave before committing the murder and starting the fire.


Express reports that Bobokulova carried the child’s head in a plastic bag. She proceeded to pull out Nastya’s head and brandish it while shouting “Allahu Akbar.” She also shouted, “I’m a terrorist” and claimed she would blow herself up. Later on, officers did not find explosives. According to the Investigative Committee of Russia, Bobokulova is now undergoing forensic psychiatric examination after being taken into custody. She is reportedly under the influence of drugs.

Judge rules in favor of Apple, against the feds. Magistrate Jude James Orenstein is not in favor of the FBI and their hope that Apple can provide assistance to bypass the security code of an iPhone 5 belonging to Jun Feng, who was arrested in June 2014 for drug trafficking. Apple had received nine requests of this nature since October 2015, and the government used the All Writs Act (AWA) as justification in making the tech company cooperate. In a copy of the ruling obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Judge Orenstien stated the government “failed to establish” what they want Apple to do on the grounds of the AWA.

German wife of ISIS leader flees from husband. Diane Kruger, the wife of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has fled the Islamic State’s controlled territory in Iraq. According to a report from The Jerusalem Post, Kruger had left with two girls who helped her escape. Baghdadi has appointed a special emergency force to find his wife and arrest her. Kruger was reportedly the head of the ISIS women’s department and even headed a training camp for female suicide bombers. She married Baghdadi in October 2015.

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Comedian Katt Williams arrested for battery. Katt Williams was arrested Monday in Georgia after he got into a heated argument inside a pool supply store. The comedian punched a store employee while they were arguing. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Gainesville police officers arrived in the store to respond to an assault call and found Williams already outside. Moreover, Sgt. Kevin Holbrook said he was “lying on the ground with his hands behind his back as though he was ready to go to jail.” Williams is currently facing a misdemeanor battery charge with a $5,000 bond.

Facebook executive goes to jail in Brazil. Facebook Vice President for Latin America Diego Dzodan was arrested by Brazilian police as court officials in Sergipe continue to compel the social media site to supply data from its WhatApp messaging service to assist in an investigation involving drug trafficking. According to a report from Reuters, the judge in Brazil decided to order the arrest after it issued a fine of about $250,000 to force Facebook to assist with the said investigation. In response, Facebook called Dzodan’s arrest an “extreme and disproportionate measure.”

Sarah Shahi has been tapped to play Nancy Drew in an upcoming drama based on the classic detective book series. According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, “Person of Interest” star Shahi will play the role of Nancy, who is now in her 30’s and working as a detective for the NYPD. Her career with the force is taking off until she arrests the wrong guy, forcing her to quit her job. CBS’ “Drew” is written and executive produced by Joan Rater and Tony Phelan.

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