In The News Today: ‘NCIS’ Renewed For 2 Seasons, Donald Trump’s Rally Leads To Secret Service Incident, & More

In The News Today: ‘NCIS’ Renewed For 2 Seasons, Donald Trump’s Rally Leads To Secret Service Incident, & More
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Donald Trump’s rally leads to a scuffle that ends with a journalist pinned on the floor with a choke hold. It started when protesters from organization Black Lives Matter stormed into the rally as they chanted, “No more hate, no more hate, let’s be equal let’s be great.”


Trump had instructed for the group to be let out, and as they did, a U.S. Secret Service agent got into a scuffle with TIME veteran White House photographer Chris Morris. According to a report from CBS, Morris was trying to follow the Black Lives Matter group to document the action inside the rally when the agent threw him into the ground with a choke hold.

In response to the incident, TIME responded saying, “We are relieved that Chris is feeling OK.” The Secret Service said it its currently looking into the incident.

Former marine confronts Bill Clinton about Benghazi. Bill Clinton was in the middle of a speech in Bluffton, South Carolina on Friday when a former marine interrupted his speech and asked about his plans with the VA. According to the American Mirror, the former U.S. President responded by turning the question back on him.

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In response, the former veteran brought up Benghazi and how Hilary Clinton “tried to cover it up.” Things got more heated up, with Clinton repeatedly telling the man to allow him to talk. Sheriff’s deputies took the man out of the room despite Clinton’s protest. Meanwhile, a woman jumped up and started shouting at Clinton as well. Clinton tried to answer her questions, but she wouldn’t let him. In the end, she was also removed from the room.

Navy Seal awarded Medal of Honor during a White House Ceremony. President Barack Obama presented the Medal of Honor to east coast based Seal team member Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer Edward C. Byers Jr. According to the Pentagon, Byers was awarded due to his actions while taking part in a rescue mission involving an American civilian held hostage in Afghanistan.

Google takes “some responsibility” after one of its self-driving cars struck a municipal bus on Valentine’s Day. The incident happened in Mountain View when the self-driving Lexus RX450h tried to get around some sandbags in a wide lane. As it traveled less than 2 mph, a bus came traveling at 15 mph. The vehicle and test driver “believed the bus would slow or allow the Google (autonomous vehicle) to continue.” However, the car ended up striking the bus.

Reuters reports that no one was injured in the crash. The incident is now under investigation with the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority.

An Afghan-Canadian mother who attacked her daughter with a meat cleaver has been sentenced to three years in prison. Montreal resident Johra Kaleki has been found guilty of attempting to murder her eldest daughter as a form of honor crime. According to a report from The Clarion Project, prosecutors had asked for a 10-year sentence, but the lighter sentence may have been handed down to Kaleki as a result of her daughter’s decision not to press criminal charges. Kaleki tried to stab her daughter Bahar Ebrahimi to death because she kept violating her 11 p.m. curfew.

“NCIS” renewed for two more seasons. CBS has decided to renew the hit procedural “NCIS” for two more seasons. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the decision coincides with the renewal of star and executive producer Mark Harmon’s new two-year overall deal with CBS. It means that fans can look forward to watching the show until 2018. It is also unclear if season 15 will be the last for the show.

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