In The News Today: Lizzy Caplan To Star In Spy Thriller, Airport Laptop Blast Injures 6 In Somalia, & More

In The News Today: Lizzy Caplan To Star In Spy Thriller, Airport Laptop Blast Injures 6 In Somalia, & More
Lizzy Caplan Masters of Sex
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Airport laptop blasts injures six in Somalia. A laptop bomb exploded in an airport in Somalia on Monday. The bomb had gone off at a checkpoint in the small town of Beledweyne. According to a report from Agence France Presse, the town is about 325 kilometers north of Mogadishu, where another bomb had exploded in a passenger plane as it took off last month.


British SAS stops ISIS suicide bomb plot. The SAS managed to keep an ISIS suicide mission from pushing through after the group managed to stop a convoy of trucks loaded with explosives. The truck was headed to the Syria-Iraq border. According to a report from Express, expert snipers from SAS had been waiting to strike the convoy from 800 yards. Airstrikes were not possible since ISIS members had forced civilians to drive cars between the lorries. They struck the lead vehicle first with a Barrett M82, splitting the engine block into two. In the end, one of the drivers were killed, while the others fled. After the incident, the U.S. finished off the trucks with two 500lb bombs.

U.S. tourist stabbed to death by Palestinian along a boardwalk in Tel Aviv. A Palestinian armed with a knife took to a popular boardwalk in Tel Aviv and went on a killing spree a few kilometers away from where U.S. Vice President Joe Biden was meeting with former Israeli president Shimon Peres. According to a report from Reuters, the attack left at least nine other people injured. A police officer eventually caught up with the attacker and shot him dead.

First women combat engineers in the U.S. Army now having a “blast.” Pvts. Brianna Moore, Chrisslene Tialavea, and Lashonda Ivy have recently completed the 12B combat engineer course and have been assigned to their respective units. They are the first group of women to become engineers since the position has been made open to female soldiers in June last year. Their jobs include constructing fighting positions; fixing or floating bridges, obstacles and defensive positions; preparing and installing firing systems for demotions and explosives and more. Like the rest of their units, the U.S. Army says they are now training and preparing for deployment.

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Lizzy Caplan to star in a new Robert Zemeckis’ spy thriller. She has been cast to star alongside Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard. According to Hollywood Reporter, the film is set in 1942 and sees a spy played by Pitt fall in love and marry a French agent played by Cotillard. Caplan currently stars in Showtime’s “Masters of Sex” and will soon appear in the film “Now You See Me 2.”

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