New York Primary Results: Only Hillary Stands Between Trump & White House Seat

New York Primary Results: Only Hillary Stands Between Trump & White House Seat
Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump – Caricatures DonkeyHotey/Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton secured victories in the New York primary for their respective parties.


On the Republican side, Trump is poised to clinch a massive victory over Ted Cruz and John Kasich. The business mogul looks likely to bag the majority of the 95 delegates that are at stake.

“We’re going to get a lot more delegates than anyone projected in their wildest imagination,” Trump said, as reported by NPR. He added that it was “impossible” for the other two Republican contenders to level with him.

With this massive win, he has a strong momentum going into the April 26 primaries in Pennsylvania, Connecticut and three other states, as reported by The New York Times.

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In his victory rally after the New York primary in the Manhattan tower, he said, “We don’t have much of a race anymore.” His win will also discourage the #NeverTrump movement, created to slow down the billionaire real estate mogul’s steady march towards clinching the nomination.

While Cruz has earned delegate victories in Wyoming, Colorado and North Dakota, there is reason to suggest that the upcoming primaries will not offer much promise for him.

Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, Clinton’s victory has increased the difficulties of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ chances of outracing the former secretary of state. In her address, Clinton said, “We’ve won in every region of the country. From the north to the south to the east to the west, but this one’s personal.”

Speaking to Sanders’ supporters, she emphasized that “there is much more that unites us than divides us.”

Clinton had also witnessed a slump, securing no victories since Arizona. While Sanders earned wins in smaller states last month, they were not adequate to push him past Clinton.

In an interview, Sanders spoke about his commitment to take the race to the finish. “We’ve got a shot to victory,” Sanders said. “We have come a very long way in the last 11 months, and we are going to fight this out until the end of the process.”

According to the New York Post, Trump is ahead of his rivals with 756 delegates. Cruz has 559 while Kasich has 144 delegates. A candidate requires 1,237 delegates to clinch the nomination.

On the Democratic side, Clinton has secured 1,758 delegates in contrast to Sanders’ 1,076 – the numbers include pledged delegates from primaries and caucuses and superdelegates. A Democratic candidate requires 2,383 delegates to earn the nomination.

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