New York Knicks Rumors: Lance Stephenson Reviving Career In The Big Apple?

Lance Stephenson has yet to sign with an NBA team though the drop in his game could be the reason why teams have opted to overlook him. With that in mind, the best scenario for the temperamental swingman is to perhaps seek a one-year minimum deal.


Things have changed dramatically for the 25-year-old cager, who drew attention while he was with the Indiana Pacers. He moved to the Charlotte Hornets but failed to impress.

Los Angeles Clippers took a chance on him last season but everyone knows that didn’t work as well. He ended up winding his 2015-16 season with the Memphis Grizzlies.

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Possibly A Knick?

There are several teams who could gamble on Stephenson, as he tries to regain his bearings. One team mentioned are the New York Knicks. His persona could be an added plus to the identity-seeking Knicks.

The only catch is that Stephenson will have to prove his worth with a minimum salary. Given the situation he is in right now, he isn’t left with many options.

Stephenson’s versatility could be something first-year head coach Jeff Hornacek can deal with. But from the looks of it, he best fits as an enforcer and/or impact player.

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Perfect Off The Bench

The Knicks have retooled and their starting unit is perhaps the best assembly of cagers so far. Their bench, however, needs some work though there are several names there that could render quality minutes.

Stephenson is trying to rediscover himself and that chance could be in Gotham. He showed impressive numbers with the Grizzlies and that could be something Phil Jackson may want to take into consideration.

The Knicks have nothing to lose as they work on a tight budget. A one-year minimum deal could work for both sides though it all depends on the Knicks brain thrust.

Lance Stephenson’s stars may be dipping but he can still revive his career. He could fit in with other teams but until a formal offer sheet comes, he remains a curious free agent to consider.

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