Knicks Rumors: Lance Stephenson Best Solution To New York’s Point Guard Woes?

Knicks Rumors: Lance Stephenson Best Solution To New York’s Point Guard Woes?
Lance Stephenson and LeBron James Lewe92/ Wikimedia Commons cc

The New York Knicks look formidable heading into the 2016-17 NBA season, filling up all the positions that the team has struggled from last year.


Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah came in from the Chicago Bulls via separate routes, joining holdovers Carmelo Anthony, Kristaps Porzingis and Brandon Jennings. Up front, the Knicks have a lot of talent to show. But one oversight could be the backcourt, an area which the Knicks have been hit hard from the past seasons.

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They tried Jose Calderon but obviously failed. Calderon is a good player but lacked some facets like driving more to the basket to create situations. Rose and Jennings are better choices but their durability is suspect.

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Everyone knows the history of both, carrying injuries that have slowed them down. In fact, many question their ability to last a whole season given the past years.

So while the Knicks seem have a better backcourt from previous years, one cannot help think that they may need more help in that area. There are a lot of curious free agents out there and Lance Stephenson is once again mentioned.

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Can Lance play point?

The thing with Stephenson is that he is best known as a swingman and not a playmaker. Regardless, he had some moments at the slot with the Los Angeles Clippers. Will Phil Jackson consider that spell?

The thing is that the issue with Stephenson is not his talent or the money. It is about how he can blend in. As mentioned in previous reports, his ability to get along with his teammates is suspect and is believed to be something that has turned off other teams.

If not Stephenson, there are other names the Knicks can consider. There is Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole or even Kirk Hinrich. Compared to Stephenson, the temperamental player seems more durable so Phil Jackson may want to consider that aspect.

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