New York Knicks Rumors: Jeff Hornacek Ditching ‘Triangle Offense’ For Good?

New York Knicks Rumors: Jeff Hornacek Ditching ‘Triangle Offense’ For Good?
Kristaps Porzingis Keith Allison / Flickr cc

Phil Jackson’s vaunted triangle offense has not turned out well for the New York Knicks with players reportedly not sold on the offensive system. This is despite the fact that the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers benefited from it when the “Zen Master” was calling the shots.


That said, it could be a case of getting the right person to implement the system. Derek Fisher failed to do that and now Jeff Hornacek is tasked to preach and give it a try.

Players Uncomfortable With The Triangle

Hornacek may be just in his first year but he can easily see players not comfortable with the triangle offense. A lot has to do with adapting to it and the fact that shooting at the right time has gotten everyone befuddled, the NY Daily News reported.

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That said, the time element is something that may be forcing players to grow impatient with most wanting immediate results. Some players like Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis need to play within the system, depriving them of the freedom to contribute more.

Tweaking With Up-Tempo Style

With some issues tied up to the triangle offense, Hornacek will likely end up blending it with his up-tempo style of play to even things out. With a team full of gunners, alternating the triangle with a pick-and-roll could render better results for the Knicks this coming season, The Daily Knicks reported.

Why not abandon it all together? If critics are to be heard, the Knicks would have abandoned the triangle offense a long time ago. But the fact is Jackson wants to employ the winning formula to the ballclub and Hornacek will have to find a way to integrate all that.

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It may not happen overnight but juggling between the pick-and-roll and the triangle offense could be good for the Knicks moving forward and slowly take on the far-from-perfect triangle offense.

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