New York Knicks Rumors: Blake Griffin Teaming Up With Carmelo Anthony?

New York Knicks Rumors: Blake Griffin Teaming Up With Carmelo Anthony?
Blake GriffinKeith Allison/ Flickr cc
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Blake Griffin is expected to be one of the good fishes available in the NBA free agent market in 2017 which means he will be getting a lot of ridiculous offers. The Los Angeles Clippers are expected to exhaust all means to keep him despite his off-court problems.


Doc Rivers mentioned that he wants to see Griffin retire as a Clipper, a dish that obviously reinforces the belief that he may not be headed anywhere, Real GM reported. But then again, the final word still falls at the hands of Griffin so anything can happen.

Does Griffin Want An NBA Title?

The thing about the Los Angeles Clippers is that they do have the talent to make it all the way to the NBA finals. They have Griffin paired up with Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan. With their own big three, it is a mystery why they haven’t reached the NBA finals at the least.

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Griffin will be patient and hopefully, that doesn’t run out. At 27, he may still be young though no one can fault him if he wants to fast-track the road to winning an NBA ring.

That said, would Griffin entertain pitches from other teams like the New York Knicks? According to King James Gospel, pairing with Carmelo Anthony could be the way to go if the slam dunking forward wants to win an NBA title.

He seems like a good fit though one has to wonder where Joakim Noah or Kristaps Porzingis may end up. Noah could be traded while Porzingis may be elevated to the center slot. It seems like a fantasy frontline from afar though it does look scary.

Aside from the Knicks, the Oklahoma City Thunder could come knocking Griffin’s door. With Durant out, he could perfectly team up with Russell Westbrook too.

Right now, Griffin seems dialed in to re-sign a long-term deal with the Clippers. But all that could change somewhere between now and 2017 NBA Free Agency.

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