New York Giants: Jason Pierre-Paul Loses Finger In July 4 Accident, But Will Play Soon

New York Giants: Jason Pierre-Paul Loses Finger In July 4 Accident, But Will Play Soon
2009 NFL Black Logo Michael / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul underwent a right index finger amputation on Wednesday.


ESPN’s Adam Schefter thinks that the amputation, which followed reports of Pierre-Paul’s involvement in a July 4 fireworks incident, may not affect the football player’s career.

Pierre-Paul had sustained potential nerve damage and burns on his hand.

In fact, reporter Ian Rapoport says that the lost finger could lead to an acceleration of his recovery.

However, the New York Giants aren’t fully informed about Pierre-Paul’s medical condition. Although the Giants representatives went to the hospital in Florida to pay the football defensive end a visit, they returned Wednesday afternoon without seeing him.

Entering the past off-season as a restricted free agent, Pierre-Paul was given a franchise tag by the Giants. Nevertheless, since Pierre-Paul did not sign the one-year $14.8 million tender, he is not under any contractual obligation to meet with the representatives from the Giants regarding the accident, as reported by Business Insider.

The Giants, unaware about the particulars regarding the accident or Pierre-Paul’s medical status, have revoked the $60 million offer.

According to Spotrac, Pierre-Paul’s worth has been estimated to be around $69 million.

According to Yahoo Sports, there have been players who continued their careers despite sustaining similar injuries.

Former San Francisco 49ers safety Ronnie Lott had to have the tip of his finger amputated after his involvement in a collision. Arizona Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson lost the tip of his left middle finger while playing against the New Orleans Saints. Houston Texans linebacker Whitney Mercilus had to have the tip of his finger removed after a weightlifting accident.

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