New Star Rising: Brock Osweiler Is Here To Stay

In Denver, a new star is born. Brock Osweiler has replaced Peyton Manning.


On a snowy Sunday night, injured franchise legend Manning watched from the sidelines as Osweiler and the Broncos stunned the undefeated Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots. Manning, 39, is dealing with injuries of a battered NFL body. But luckily for the franchise, Osweiler is here to stay.

Two wins from two starts. Osweiler, 25, helped the Broncos rally back from a 14-point, fourth-quarter deficit, engineered a go-ahead touchdown drive in the fourth, before calling an audible that resulted in the game-winning TD. Clearly, Osweiler is a future superstar in the league.

Osweiler actually outdueled Tom Brady. Just let that sink in for a few seconds. Osweiler achieved something that Panning hadn’t in his accomplished career: defeat Patriots in a high-stakes contest.

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The Broncos management dropped several hints that Osweiler will continue to remain a starter, regardless of Manning’s health. In other words, Manning’s career has drawn to a close.

“He’s very composed,” Broncos coach Gary Kubiak said after the monumental victory on Sunday. “He handles himself very well. Even the turnover tonight didn’t bother him. He just keeps going. He gives great feedback to me for a young player.”

When asked if Manning had any chance of returning to the starting unit, Kubiak said, “I think Brock is taking advantage of an opportunity. In this league, you work, you work, you work, and you never know when an opportunity’s going to come or how it’s going to come.”

Kubiak reveled that Manning and Osweiler had a chat during the halftime break when Patriots were favored to sustain their undefeated streak. “He (Manning) and Brock sat there at halftime before we actually go through our list of what we’re coming out with. (Osweiler was) just a positive reinforcement as we’re playing. We knew we were in a tough ball game and needed to play well in the second half. Having him there was a boost, I think, for everybody.”

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