New Report Says Samsung Galaxy S7 Is Best Audio Smartphone; Here’s Why

New Report Says Samsung Galaxy S7 Is Best Audio Smartphone; Here’s Why
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The fresh news in the industry is that Samsung Galaxy S7 will be the smartphone with the best sounds.


A report from Korea says that Samsung is working on SABRE 9018AQ2M chip from ESS Technology which will bring the best audio to this smartphone. The chip is said to be featuring:

i. a 32-bit mobile audio DAC
ii. 129 dB signal to noise ratio

It will also support Sony’s Direct Stream Digital format. How will it help in bettering the sound system? DSD as explained on the Antelope’s website “utilizes noise shaping algorithms (filters), which allow shifting of the quantization distortion up to ultrasonic values, frequencies far outside the human range of hearing.” There are also rumors about Samsung looking forward to buy Jay-Z’s streaming service Tidal as the service has its focus on high-quality audio. If this is true, we must say that Samsung is ready to go the extra just to bring the best smartphone audio experience.

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Samsung has been trying to manufacture a phone that beats Apple in every sense to become the leader in the smartphone domain. Galaxy S7 is one such model that has full potential to turn Samsung’s dream into reality. Another reasons why Galaxy S7 can be the best smartphone till date are:

a. Long-lasting battery
b. 3D Touch technology
c. Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chips
d. ISOCELL technology for camera
e. Turtle Glass display

Whether or not Samsung brings all the best smartphone features to Galaxy S7 is something we will have to wait till the company launches the device.