‘New Nostradamus’ Claims Doomsday Coming As Japan, Ecuador Earthquakes Happen Hours Apart!

‘New Nostradamus’ Claims Doomsday Coming As Japan, Ecuador Earthquakes Happen Hours Apart!
April 2016 – The Month of Planetary Side-Alignments Youtube / Ditrianum

A modern-day “Nostradamus” is gaining attention lately after claiming he predicted the massive earthquakes that happened around the world in the past few days. He even added that a seven-plus magnitude earthquake might happen in the Pacific today or tomorrow.


Frank Hoogerbeets claimed he precisely predicted earthquakes in Japan, the Philippines, and even Sunday’s 7.8-magnitude earthquake that jolted Ecuador, the Express reported. Hoogerbeets based his prediction using the concept of planetary alignment.

“In my latest two videos, on April 4 and 12, I issued a warning that seismic activity would increase starting on April 13 when the moon would start facing the Mars-Saturn line. This is exactly what is happening. Also, yesterday I issued a warning for the Philippine Sea plate, including Japan,” Hoogertbeets told the Express in an email when news broke out about the series of earthquakes.

Hoogerbeets was referring to a video (see video below) posted on his YouTube account, where he explains how planetary alignment increase seismic activity on Earth. The video, which was seen more than 5,000 viewers, was posted on April 4, days before the separate earthquakes in the Pacific and in Ecuador.

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Using the principle of planetary alignment, Hoogerbeets claimed there would be a series of possible earthquakes between today and April 25 with a magnitude of 7 and above. He added that these earthquakes would likely hit the Japan-Philippine region.

But scientists at the United States Geological Survey (USGS) were quick to dismiss any claims that say the series of earthquakes are somewhat related, the New York Times reported. First, the two quakes happened thousands of miles apart and in different regions or faults. Second, scientists consider the Ecuadorian quake a classic example of a megathrust quake, while the one in Kyushu is a “strike-slip.”

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