Who Is The New James Bond? Aidan Turner Tipped To Become Next ‘Agent 007’

Who Is The New James Bond? Aidan Turner Tipped To Become Next ‘Agent 007’
Aidan Turner vagueonthehow / Flickr cc
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Daniel Craig’s “License to Kill” has expired and it’s time he makes way for the next “Agent 007”. The only question is – which actor will be given the golden opportunity to fill his shoes? As it currently stands, Aidan Turner is being favored above all others to become the new James Bond!


‘Agent 007’

The “Poldark” and “The Hobbit” star, Aidan Turner, is presently ahead in the race to become England’s sexiest secret agent. While Tom Hiddleston was earlier reported as almost getting finalized for the role of Agent 007, the tables have turned and he is no longer the favorite.

The Bookies spokesman Joe Crilly has explained, reports Express.

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“The Betting suggest that next Bond is down to a shortlist of two – Aidan Turner has come in steadily since the first episode of Poldark to the point where he now finds himself as the favorite,” Crilly said. “However, the big betting boys seem to think the role is already Hiddleston’s with one shop punter requesting £30,000.”

New James Bond

That means that anything can happen in the following weeks, leading up to the final announcement of the name of the actor who will carry out the much-coveted role. The fact that Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki in the Marvel’s universe, was slashed from the top position comes as a shock to many fans that had their fingers crossed for his selection.

Sam Mendes, the director of “Skyfall” and “Spectre,” recently opened up about the selection procedure of the new James Bond. He mentioned that the opinion of the fans doesn’t really matter in this case, and that all the power lies in the hands of the Bond Producer, Barbara Broccoli alone.

“It’s not a democracy, it’s not the X Factor, it’s not the EU referendum, it’s not a public vote,” Mendes said. “Barbara Broccoli chooses who’s going to be the next Bond: end of story. Without that, there would be no Daniel Craig because public support for Daniel was zero.”

Turner is only 33, reports Gizmodo, which is quite young by the age standards of the actors that have played James Bond to date. Also, he hardly has any acting experience, apart from a handful of movies, TV series and a few years of acting school. Will he really be able to handle the responsibility of keeping Britain safe from the hands of some of the deadliest criminals?

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  • J’nae Rae Spano

    He’s older than Connery was when he took the role or will be in 9 days, and the diversity of Aidan’s work shows a great talent.He also has experience in stage. He has plenty of experience as an actor.

  • stan

    The guy in the picture….You are kidding, right? Henry Cavill is the only one in the current lot that approaches Sean Connery in all aspects of the character .

    And Daniel Craig just sucked as Bond…He is goofy looking and appears to be about 5 and 1/2 feet tall.

    • sabelmouse

      have you heard of acting?

      • stan

        Its James Bond, not Shakespeare, numnuts. He has the right look, delivery, and demeanor to do the job.

        I would imagine you thought Sean Connery was not worthy of the role because of his limited ‘acting’ ability….

        • sabelmouse

          it aim’t the 50s/60s anymore , dear.

          • stan

            it is still a character named James Bond based on Ian Fleming novels, dullard.

            Really could not give a flying phuck what you think James Bond should be, your opinion in meaningless.

          • sabelmouse

            i’m not actually interested in misogynistic while male killer with a ”licence to kill”. book or film.
            unless the new film is to be set in the time that the books are changes are inevitable though. and to be hoped for.
            films are full of white males like that already. if a little more rough around the edges.
            personally i don’t see why the world would need another bond film.

          • stan

            Then why in the hell did you even respond to a comment regarding a Bond film ????

            Here is a simple solution. If they make another Bond movie, don’t watch it.

            You are a very dim bulb.

          • sabelmouse

            let me see.. was it maybe about aidan turner?

          • stan

            Playing BOND you phucking idiot

          • sabelmouse

            yes dear, you said he couldn’t , i said he could. that doesn’t mean that i am actually interested in bond.

  • sabelmouse

    hardly any acting experience? are you kidding? maybe you should watvh ”being human”, the original, not the terrible usa remake.
    and ”and then there were none”.
    lol! seriously!!!